Vintage Bazaar

YEAR: 2016

CATEGORY: User Experience, Design, Coding, Branding

Vintage Bazaar
Vintage Bazaar is a women’s European retail store with a variety of beautiful curated goods including everything from clothing to home decor, jewelry and books. What makes Vintage Bazaar unique is its regular addition of goods that are tastefully curated and perfectly marketed.

Our role

Brand Positioning
Content Strategy
Custom WordPress CMS
Information Architecture
Mobile Accessibility

SEO & Analytics
UX & Prototyping
Responsive Website Design



Key Factors for Success


We decided to prototype early and focus on a structural direction for this site. With a firm understanding of their target market we created an online catalogue experience that artfully features their products with custom in-house photography and styling. Working with a company that has amazing visual assets, makes for great inspiration when designing their site. By using a clean, minimalist design approach, we made the emphasis on the high quality photography of the Vintage Bazaar product to drive conversion. The typography treatment is simple, yet elegant, not only to adhere to the branding guidelines but also to keep the focus on their beautiful images.

The Vintage Bazaar consumer is a brand loyal buyer, and wants authentic and relatable content. They’re intelligent young women who want to look chic, stay ahead of cultural trends, and don’t want to dig themselves into a financial hole to do so. They’re also technically savvy and their browsing behaviors indicated that they like to view brand content as much they like purchasing products.

Bringing it all in.

Visiting the Vintage Bazaar website is now a gratifying experience, really aligned with their product experience. They now have a gorgeous online catalogue, that has several customized features. This catalogue experience is very integrated with other complimentary products revealed on each product search, as well as coordinating colors and simple gallery layout. Vintage Bazaar´s new website is also supported by a strategic SEO plan making them standout amongst competitors and noticeable by potential consumers.

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