Loacker USA

YEAR: 2015

CATEGORY: User Experience, Web Design, Social Media, Video production

Loacker USA
Loacker is an Italian company based in South Tyrol, producing wafers, chocolate and derivative products. It was founded in 1926 as a family company by Alfons Loacker.
It is Europe´s leading wafer company. In 2015 it entered the US market for the first time, and Loacker needed a flexible team that could produce high quality micro-sites,
increase social media engagement, and define its core web audience.

Our role

Art Direction
Visual Design
User Interface

Social Media
User Experience
Video production




A well thought out Food & Beverage site should be built largely around the product, but should also understand who the target market is and identify them through the use of images and text. Understanding your target audience’s age, geographic location, and broad persona can help craft your site to better cater to your target audience. If applicable, a continued social dialogue with consumers can be maintained through social media or on-site forums. Users should have an easy time navigating to various social media outlets from your website to interact with your brand to give valuable feedback and insight on how they feel about your products.




Key Visuals

A successful Food & Beverage website design must convey credibility and build trust. Consumer trust Loacker products. This theme needs to be reflected on all their digital campaigns and their web presence.

NMC showcased Loacker products in a way where it works seamlessly with other products that an audience might want to consume as well. NMC back off trying to sell their specific product entirely and instead aimed at becoming an educational resource about the brand.


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In The Client´s Words..

“The New Media Company provided creative and innovative solutions
that helped us to achieve results beyond expectation.  I would highly recommend them.”

Crystal Black Davis Marketing Director LoackerUSA


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