Fruit Passion | eShop

YEAR: 2016

CATEGORY: User Experience, Design, Coding, Branding, eCommerce

Fruit Passion | eShop
Working closely with the FruitPassion team, we re-branded the company message, site architecture and user experience with the Swiss consumer in mind.
Based on our understanding of audience desires and the objectives of the brand, we defined a strategy for the eCommerce website that would turn the site into a delicious destination.

Our role

Brand Positioning
Content Marketing
Content Strategy
Custom WordPress | Eshop
Information Architecture

SEO Analytics Reporting
Social Media Referral
UX & Prototyping
Responsive Website Design
Backend Training



Like all of our projects, our goal from the start was to align ourselves with who Fruit Passion is as a brand and to identify opportunities we could leverage to better express its position. To do this, we set ourselves up as an extension of their team and conducted research and working sessions to define key considerations.

One of the key insights we identified during our discovery was that Fruit Passion’s marketing efforts are primarily focused on creating great content that is engaging, articulates their story, and drives consumer consideration. What we realized however, was that their current platform and the user experience didn’t do a good job delivering the “branded” to users. We felt this could be greatly improved and focused on it while defining our strategy.


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